HP LaserJet P2015 Printer series - Print quality

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Print quality

Use the HP ToolboxFX print-quality options to improve the appearance of your print jobs.

Resolution. Select 600 resolution for quality print jobs and Fast Res 1200 for higher-quality print
jobs. Select ProRes 1200 for the highest-quality print job (printing time increases).

REt. Activate REt to improve print quality.

Print density. For increased print density, select a higher number. For decreased print density,
select a lower number.

EconoMode. EconoMode is a feature that allows the printer to use less toner per page. Selecting
this option may extend the life of the print cartridge and reduce your cost per page. However, it will
also reduce print quality. The printed image is lighter, but it is adequate for printing drafts or proofs.
HP does not recommend full-time use of EconoMode. See


for more information.


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